Can I Become “Un-Lost”? *Pretty Please*

I maneuver the car swiftly through the intersection as the water sloshes near my tires.  It hasn’t let up since I awoke this morning.  The thirty minute drive extends to forty on the river highway of 495.

“Where should I meet you?” I ask as she picks up after the third dial.

“Just pull into the garage,” she responds.

I find a spot quickly and put the car in park.  A quick glance in the rear-view mirror reveals disheveled hair and smudged eye makeup.  A sarcastic *perfect* mumbles out of my lips.  I grab for my purse as my phone buzzes loudly in the middle console.

I select the answer button, impatiently, assuming it’s her, but as another her’s voice grazes my ear, I realize my haste assumption.  “Hey mom,” I reply softly; my laundry list of to-do items scurry around disconnectedly in my brain.

“Hi sweetie,” she says.  “I read your latest blog post and you seem a little… disheveled.”

“Oh no, mom; I’m fine.” I respond.  “I just wanted to write about being in a blogging funk, since it happens to a lot of people.  That’s all.”

Since, you know, just because I write about being in a blogging funk doesn’t mean I’m actually in a funk…




This past week, The Nester challenged us to come up with an “un-word” for 2014.  An un-word is a word that you are rejecting for the year.  It is a word that you are not.  In fact, you would like to un-do it.

At first, I didn’t know what to write about, or if I would write at all.  Because me, with my disheveled hair, haste phone call pick-ups and blog posts about being in blogging funks – I mean obviously I am perfect.  Plus, I already wrote about my real word for 2014 – so why come up with an un-word?

But, as I tried to write this week and failed at that too, I realized that lately I’ve been feeling a little… lost.

I’m currently in limbo at work.

I’m intermittently attending the gym this month.

And, my blog is being… funky.

Suddenly, I discovered that probably the best possible thing that I could be doing is coming up with my un-word for 2014.  So, ladies and gentlemen, here it is…  For 2014, my un-word is lost.  As in, I would like to become un-lost.  Some of my life events (like work) are a little out of my control, but hopefully with a little more focus and concentration, I can improve my gym attendance, blogging lifestyle and, overall, get myself out of this little lost funk I’m in.  And, this will hopefully include letting you in on a little secret about this here blog too… Ooh foreshadowing!

Now, I’m off to go find my makeup remover….

*Have you been feeling funky lately?  What is your un-word for 2014?

A Friday Treat, Confession & a GIVEAWAY Winner!!

A Friday treat!  Short and sweet style.  For my random act of kindness today, I brought in Reese’s (my favorite candy) for my coworkers!  Woop!  This completed #27 Do something for a coworker.

photo (86)

In other news, Spartan Race wanted me to update you on a date change for the viewing of the Spartan Beast World Championship race.  It is now on DECEMBER 7th!!  If you have plans this weekend – fret not – because you can now rock on with your bad self and keep your plans!!


Also, can I confess something to you?  Sometimes I turn up I Knew You Were Trouble When you Walked In, I’m Feeling 22, and Everything has Changed and act like Taylor Swift is not the person singing the song.  She kind of annoys me as a person, but those songs do not annoy me.  In fact, I like them.  Am I alone?  On an island?

Now… on to the GIVEAWAY WINNER!  The randomly selected winner is entry #114.  Congrats, Miriam!!  I will be sending you an email shortly about the free entry to a Spartan Race!  Thank you everyone for participating :)


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