Guest Post: Thoughtful Gifts For the Extremely Active Man

Hi y’all!  I’m so excited to have Quinn from Healthy Living by Quinn over on the blog today!  Quinn contacted me about hosting a post on ideas for gifts to buy an active boyfriend / husband / close friend / family member.  I’m notorious for buying my holiday presents at the last minute so while I bought both my mom and sister’s Christmas gifts already, my mind blanked when thinking what to get my dad and brother.  Thank goodness Quinn visited today to help give me some ideas!  Let’s give her a big welcome!


(this picture is missing guys ;))


Buying a gift for a man can be challenging, and even more so when he’s extremely active. With the holiday season rapidly approaching, I start to think about what my husband would really appreciate and that supports his healthy lifestyle. I’ve come up with a few good ideas, and they would be suitable for any man who loves sports or who is a fitness fanatic. The following are five gift ideas that any active man will love.

Gym Membership

A simple but thoughtful gift that’s perfect for the cold weather is a gym membership. This idea is for guys who may enjoy outdoor activities, but spend more time indoors in the winter. Of course, going to the gym is beneficial in the warm weather as well. Choose a gym that’s convenient for him and pony up for an annual membership. This will give him a place to go to stay active and in shape all year round.

Pull-Up Bar

I was just reading an article that was saying that a couple of the best exercises for building strength are pull-ups and chin-ups. These are exercises many of us did in gym class years ago, but haven’t done as adults. Why not buy your man a pull up bar so he can do these very effective exercises at home? These are easy to install in a doorway or on a wall, depending on the type of unit you buy.

Golf Shoe Bag

If your husband is anything like mine, he loves golf. One very practical golf accessory that every player should have is a golf shoe bag (I actually found a high quality golf shoe bag on this site a few months ago). Think of all the mud that accumulates during a typical game. It’s much neater to have a bag with vents and a divider than to simply throw golf shoes in the trunk. The shoes will also dry out much faster in a golf shoe bag.

Filtered Water Bottle

Everyone knows that it’s important to drink plenty of water when you’re active. It’s also important that the water one drinks is clean and pure. One gift that helps with both of these concerns is a water bottle filter. This is both convenient and eco-friendly, as it means he won’t have to keep buying new bottles of water. It’s a way for him to save money and be sure of drinking pure water. This is also useful to have outdoors in case of emergency, when you might not know the purity of the water.

Free Weights

Free weights are a simple yet very effective way to work out. With weights, it’s possible to work out every muscle group and there’s no need for complicated machines. A good quality free weight set can last for many years, and it’s suitable for people of all levels of fitness.

The above are just a few good holiday shopping ideas for an active man. No matter what you end up buying him, try to choose something that he’ll be able to use regularly and that will help him pursue his physically active lifestyle.

Happy Hunting!

The Best Way to Feed your Soul this Fall

I seriously cannot believe that it’s September!  How does this happen, people?  I swear I was just at a wedding in June.  Tan.  Dancing my booty off.

I guess I have to succumb to the seasonal Gods and accept reality that it’s not only September, but the 3rd day of September!  Yeesh.  The good news is that there is a silver lining. This lining is none other than the 31 Random Acts of Kindness that I’ll be performing (along with many others) the entire month of October!  Say what?  If you didn’t see the last post, click over here!  I give some background on why I’m so passionate about changing the world.  No big deal, or anything.


In all seriousness, I’m really excited about this adventure.  So excited I created a twitter handle for the movement (@31RandomActs) and a Facebook Page! <–Click to Like/Join.  Leading up to October, I plan on encouraging people through quotes and other dialogue to get excited for the 31 Random Acts.  In October, I will highlight people’s random acts, on a daily basis, through the social media outlets! :)

I also developed a suggestive list of ideas for the 31 Random Acts, which is provided below!  I hope this list is not too daunting.  First and foremost, if you want to join us, you do not have to perform the random acts / ideas I suggest here.  Heck, if you don’t even want to do 31 acts then don’t!  If you just want to pick one or perform a big one on your own or just stare at this blog post and encourage someone else to do something in October, that is great!  I welcome all kinds of RAK love.

Honestly, there is only one RULE that I would like to enforce and that is, if you decide to participate, please tell someone that you are conducting 31 Random Acts (or however many you choose) in October 2013!  As I said in my original post, if we can get even one additional person to perform a random act in October, we will double our impact on the world!

Are you excited??!  Do you want to know what’s next??!

“We want more. We want more!”  I can just hear you now.

Here’s what you can do to get involved:

1. Like the Facebook Page

2. Follow Us on Twitter

3. Spread the word! (Tell a friend, send an email, text a sister, write a blog post, etc.)

4. Start coming up with your ideas for the Random Acts!

5. Tell me that you want to be involved through the Contact Form below

6. Rock on with your RAK bad self!

Suggestive List of Random Acts
1. Something you would want someone to do for you.
2. What’s something you have that you no longer want or need?  Give it away.
3. Remember a time someone helped you out.  Do something to pay them back.
4. Think about something specific about someone that you think is really great.  Do something to commemorate it.
5. Do something for the elderly.
6. Do something for the young.
7. Share a treat with someone you love.
8. Write a note to someone you’ve been meaning to talk to.
9. Do something with books.
10. Do something with coins.
11. Do something with food / beverages.
12. Help someone enjoy a memory.
13. Thank someone you’ve been meaning to thank.
14. If you unexpectedly had a completely free afternoon, what would you do with it?  Perform a random act inspired by your answer.
15. Something that you would have wanted as a 10-year-old kid.
16. Something inspired by one of your New Year’s resolutions.
17. Preserve something in nature.
18. Perform a small gesture that will have a big impact on someone.
19. Commemorate someone who has made a difference in your life.
20. Honor those who sacrifice for us.
21. Help an animal.
22. Do something to become a better friend to someone.
23. Beautify your surroundings (or someone else’s!)
24. Spend only $1 on a kind and high-impact act for someone else
25. Inspire someone.
26. Make a sacrifice for someone else.
27. Do something for a coworker.
28. Make a wish come true.
29. Perform a random act of kindness anonymously.
30. Get someone to perform a random act with you.
31. Make someone smile :)