biggest announcement as of yet

Almost immediately after I started this blog, I wanted to redesign my site.  I guess that’s the curse of new things, right?  You buy a house or accept a new job or start a new hobby and then, after the novelty and new bright shiny-ness rubs off, you immediately want to change absolutely everything.  Like painting the kitchen white instead of red.  Or, buying all new running gear for your 3-mile training routes.

I guess that’s the curse of new, shiny things.

Today, I’m excited to announce that we’re moving.  No, I’m not physically moving, or Kina for that matter.  But we, as in you and I and all those little internet strangers who randomly pop over to my blog to say Hi!  We’re going over to a new site.  Are you excited?  I sure am. I’ve been wanting to say this, for what feels like, forever.


If you follow this blog by email or wordpress or bloglovin or facebook, there’s no need to fret.  Later this week when I write another post, everything will be delivered to you as normal – only it will be all shiny and new, of course.  And, if you want a sneak peek because you can’t wait, you can click over here.

Otherwise, this site will be redirecting to the new one in a couple of days.  And then we’ll all be staring at the new blingy site… at least for a couple of months until I want to re-do absolutely everything. ;)

Come over and visit!

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A Little Change with Your Coffee?

Today was a great day y’all!!  <— Say this to the tune of Finding Nemo’s Squirt jump spiel.  Sometimes I say something similar to Kina in the morning.  It’s usually “we’re going to have a great day today!” in Squirt’s little voice followed by Kina staring at me…  Exciting times over here.

Anyways… I am on a new client project at work and at the client site, they charge 25 cents for each cup of coffee.  At first, the cost of coffee bummed me out, but then I realized it is a perfect opportunity for one of my random acts!

photo (85)

I left change for people at work today!  Coworker of the day award goes to me :)  This fulfilled #10 Do something with coins.

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A Little Change with Your Coffee?: this is day nine.

Have you read about 31 days and/or visited other bloggers’ series?

Other 31 Random Acts conducted (that I know about!):

  • Erica cheered for every person she passed on the turn around in her race
  • My sister wrote a note to someone who inspires her (she is doing this every day in October)
  • My mom hosted her brother-in-law and bought him a card/bakery treats for his birthday!
  • The Kitch Witch cooked and delivered meals to those impacted by the floods in Colorado

Thank you for your RAK love!

Are you performing a random act today?