June Link Love & Some Really Awesome Things!!

May I just tip my hat for a split second to say… I really named this post well.  Primarily that means that I really named these Link Love posts well because they all (like this one in February and this one in April) contain a lot of articles on love, which is always just happy and uplifting.  Right?!! :)

Without any further mumble and jumble from me, I’ll throw you right into my favorite posts I’ve read lately!  Here we go!

Please Don’t Let Me Disappear by Emily Freeman

*Sigh* … I swear it’s like every time I’m feeling a certain way, Emily just goes and writes about the dang thing.  This woman is either a mind reader or incredibly talented.  I’m betting on both.  A MUST READ for all women and any guys who are just curious what we think about … ;)

Bumpdate!!! @ Pursuit of Pink

I pretty much just tear bombed my way through Lindsay’s post on her upcoming last few weeks of pregnancy.  This woman is super strong and lately has been so transparent with her struggles with third-trimester pregnancy.  It’s such an inspiration for women like me who see myself going through something similar one day. Oh and her husband who sleeps on the floor to keep her company in the wee hours of the morning ?!! Amazing!

5 Ways to Be Happy in Love @ Chasing Happy

A great reminder over at Chasing Happy of ways to stay, you guessed it, HAPPY in love!  A very honest and sweet post.. just made me smile all the way through :)

Worth It All @ The Art of Non-Conformity

A thought-provoking post from Chris on how to decide if you should commit to something or not.  I loved this post because I am often times evaluating whether what I’m currently doing in my life is the right thing for me or not.  For a long time, I thought that I would one day go to business school for my MBA, but as the years passed by, I realized that even though my brain was saying “this is such a great idea!”, my gut was saying something different.  It’s through the same process that Chris talks about in this post that I finally realized “hey, business school just isn’t worth it to me” and I think that’s OK.


Go read all those posts!!!

Are you back from reading?

Ok, great.  I think I also promised you…

Some Really Awesome Things!

  • My family came to visit this past weekend and my dad and my brother’s friend (basically my brother) BUILT A WALL IN MY STUDIO CONDO.  And, people?!.. it looks fantastic!!  I could not have imagined anything better!  The before and after blog post will be up later this week!
  • My uncle is starting a BOAT BAR shop.  What is that?  It’s a bar in the shape of a boat!! And it’s really sweet!  Look at this picture…


And now go to this site to learn more about boat bars!!


The Women Who Meet in the Middle

“I’d start walking your way. You’d start walking mine. We’d meet in the middle. Underneath that old Georgia pine. We’d gain a lot of ground cause we’d both give a little. And there ain’t no road too long when you meet in the middle.” ~Diamond Rio

This past Saturday, a group of women met in the middle.

The middle is a calm place, but includes chatter.

It’s in-between our houses, but we bring a lot of our homes with us.

It exists in the middle of the restaurant, but we really sit in the middle of our lives sharing the middle of our hearts.

It was the quasi-annual(?) Blogger Meetup; only the second one we’ve ever held. (The third is scheduled for August 17th and I’m sure a fourth will be in the works soon after.)

There were six of us who attended and a few we carried with us. We picked up right where we left off the last time sharing stories, words of wisdom and lessons learned. My 27th birthday is in a couple of months and I can’t help but view this year as a turning of the page for me. All my childhood visions of bells, white picket fences and little ones running around now seem much different from just a twinkle in the eye. They are real and tangible and things that could probably happen in the next five years or so not just something that might happen “one day.”

It’s scary and weird and strangely exciting, but these women all make me so much more calm and eager to embrace this part of womanhood and life. I learn more from them each time I’m around them and I’m so grateful that we all originally connected in the middle of the internet.

Here are some updates on everyone :)

  • Melanie from Now a Queen who taught me about instagram last time (I’m now on it.. find me… crossroadsheart !) is pregnant with her second child :) She looked so cute with her little bump and her attire of spring colors. I definitely hope I can rock the bump like her some day.
  • Krystle from Life Revolves Around Them taught me about SOLs. It took a couple of times of her using this acronym for me to realize that she was, in fact, not actually saying Shii out of Luck lol. Instead, it stands for Standards of Learning, which are required tests for Virginia students. Her kids are going through them now and I was impressed by Krystle’s grace and confidence when dealing with her children’s (ahem) “thoughts” on the assessments.
  • Abbey from Makings of a Mess (who yay I got to talk to more this time!) told a hilarious tale of grocery stores and patterns in her life. Trust me, it was hilarious. It reminded me to stay observant of obscure repeatable things because they will most likely make people laugh ;)
  • Mia from Chronicles of Chaos looked fabulous and, as always, was cool, calm and collected despite playing mom to two young boys and dealing with her husband’s crazy work schedule. I hope I can juggle it all like you one day, girl :)
  • Gayle from A Gayle Force joined us for this meet up for the first time but she met most of us before! Her and I went on a blogging date a couple of months ago and I got to hear all about her boyfriend E and pretty much her entire life haha. She reminds me of my sister in that it is super cool to still love the obsessions from our youth (including Hanson.) She also looked adorable in polka dots :)

And now on to pictures! Which one was taken by a self timer??! ;)


Krystle, Melanie, Mia


Me & Gayle!


Abbey & Gayle!


Me, Mia, Gayle, Krystle, Melanie, Abbey


Same as above… but different… ;)