My Favorite Things: 2014 Edition

When I looked back over my blog posts in 2013, there was one thing that I noticed was missing: a post on my favorite things!  For the two years prior, I participated in a link up on The Nesting Place and wrote about the current favorite things in my household.  If you even want to read the post about how I couldn’t pick any one thing one year, you can do that too!

Luckily, Mama Kat swooped in to save the day in 2014, and included a writing prompt this week on “5 of your current favorite things” (Prompt #3).

fav things

In no particular order, here are my five favorite things right now:

1. Microsoft Surface RT (1st edition) – I picked up this bad boy at Best Buy’s Black Friday sale this year (I know, I’m one of those people…), and I absolutely love it!  In fact, I’m writing this blog post on it right now. It is the true definition of a tablet and laptop in-one-device.  I can tap different apps with my pointer finger and use Microsoft Word with a keyboard.  If you are in the market for a tablet, definitely check it out… especially this cheaper listing I found on Amazon (affiliate link)!

2. Gummy Vitamins – You can thank my mom for this one, haha.  She put gummy vitamins in my Christmas stocking this year!  I was surprised by how much I love these things.  First of all, the taste is addicting; they are like gummy candies!  I know that vitamins have been under some scrutiny lately.  Personally, I believe that many people go out and buy multi-purpose vitamins without understanding how the vitamins intend to help their body.  For instance, did you know that people living in the Western hemisphere actually don’t need to consume extra Vitamin C because we already eat a lot of it in our normal diets?  Or – that your body won’t actually process Calcium unless it is eaten with Magnesium?  I didn’t either – until I conducted some research last year!  Now, I know that the folic acid and the Vitamin E found in these gummies help fight off my body’s constant inflammation!

3. Old Navy Infinity Scarf – People, do you know what got me through the Polar Vortex?  This sole clothing item.  This scarf is so warm and cozy; I can’t imagine surviving a winter without it.  I like it so much, I bought my sister one in the gray color!  (They are sold out online, but if you visit this page, they are the pink and black scarves at the lower left corner.  Try to find one in stock at a nearby store!)

4. L’Occitane Lip Balm – Hi, my name is Caitlin and I am a Chapstick addict.  Oh, wait, did you already know that after I wrote a love letter to Chapstick??!  Anyways… at the top of my lip balm food chain is this L’Occitane item.  It’s smooth, yet also exfoliates and leaves my lips with the perfect amount of shine.

5. Glade Candles – I actually stumbled upon this item in the clearance aisle of Target.  The vanilla and cinnamon spice versions were on sale for $2 and I swapped those babies up!  They smell good, people – so good the smell seems to linger in the air even when the candle is not lit.  Additionally, there are no labels glued to the glass, which means once you remove its paper lining, you get a pretty glass candle on your countertop! :)



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An Upcoming Gamble & A Memory

My great-aunt never misses a family member’s birthday.  Since the beginning of time – ok, at least since the beginning of my time – she has never failed to send a card for one of my birthdays.  In addition to being a very sweet gesture, I’m impressed by my aunt’s ability to stay on top of my changing addresses throughout the years.  Haha.  Today, I sent her a well overdue thank you for my birthday card this year.

photo (92)

My aunt is a fan of the slot machines.  Whenever she gets the chance, she takes a trip to the local casino (or even some in Pennsylvania / Detroit!) and takes a stroll through all those machines with the shining lights.  She’s quite the lucky one!  So, along with my thank you card, I thought it best to include $5 for her to use the next time she’s gambling the odds!


Also, I’m really honored to share with you the other random act that I performed today.  If you remember, I traveled back home for a funeral earlier this year for one of my mom’s best friends who passed away unexpectedly.  There are a lot of words to describe how amazing she was, but I will save them for another post. Ultimately, my mom’s friend was one of the most generous and caring women that I knew and she always wanted to make the world a more beautiful place. Today, I purchased 15 trees through the Arbor Foundation in honor of her memory and her passion for preserving beauty.

These acts completed #13 Thank someone you’ve meant to thank and #17 Preserve something in nature.  Thank you, Melissa, for sending the Arbor Foundation link! :)

Did you perform a random act today??

  • My friend Kelly bought coffee for a person at work!

Thank you for your RAK love!!