For Men

I like writing for both men and women.  Why share the goods if you can’t swing both sides?  Ahem… right?!

So, I collected my very best posts (thus far, duh) for the men folk and organized them in a tidy and appealing way.  Y’all love the eye candy.. or so I hear…


she wants me for my bodyA Man Who Knows What He Needs:  After I wrote A Woman Who Knows What She Wants, I figured that I should take a look at the other side and identify what it actually means for a man to know what he needs – out of life and relationships.  I’m sure you know what men want (wink, wink), but what they need is an entirely different set of goods…




Galatians 6:14:  If you were ever curious of what two-time Crossfit Fittest Man on Earth’s (Rich Froning) tattoo really means, read on for its ‘translation’ and why I think each and every one of us has a potential for Froning greatness.




What Women Want: I reveal the secret thing that all women want in a relationship.  It oddly has to do with snow globes and twirling…






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