Day 27: I Don’t Steal My Photos from the Internet (Sort of)

Perhaps you’re wondering where the images come from for my posts.  Sadly, I don’t take them myself.  And, surprisingly, I don’t actually steal them from the internet.  Sort of.

My sister bought a Nikon 3100 for her birthday a couple of years ago.  And although not all of her pictures are taken with it (actually I think most are with her iPhone), she’s got a knack at the artistry of the photo.

She (thankfully) posts some of them to Facebook and when I’m in need of an imagery statement, I steal away with an easy right-click of a “save image as.”

Even though this is way overdue, I would like to take a second to thank the people (as my dad would say.)  Thanks Nicole for taking great pictures and posting for me to grab.  And thank you dad for studying photography your first year of college.  Even though you eventually switched to communications, this factor (and the remnants of a black photo room in the basement) still inspire us today.

Snap on, little sister.  Snap on.

(All images below courtesy of my sister)

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