Friday, Friday, Friday

Guess what folks.. its FRI-DAY!  Woop!  It’s the best day of the week… although, not really though.  I tend to like Thursdays for some reason.  You get the great feeling of the week ending yet no pressure to feel like a loser if you want to stay at home lounging in your workout clothes for way too long, listening to country music and surfing the interwebs.  Not like I do that or anything.

But, there is at least one AWESOME thing about Fridays and that is that I get to occasionally work from home!

So, when I got up to grab some almonds from my barely filled food pantry, I couldn’t help but snap this photo of my ridiculous work station.

Do you see the coffee cup that’s about to spill over there?  Doesn’t this just make you want to fall asleep?

I guess my point is that sometimes I realize that things that I’m doing are funny, weird and ridiculous and I stop to think about how silly I am.  Do you ever stop to think about this too?  O.M.G. this is so ridiculous that I do this…?

If so, share with us your stories in the comments. :)

*This piece is part of a series of 30 Days of Funny posts inspired by Shannon of Eat, Pray, Love.. Live!  For a complete listing of every post in the series, please click here.  To have the posts delivered to your email inbox on a daily basis, please enter your email address in the subscribe box on the left side of the home page.  Thanks for reading!

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