Always be a first rate version of yourself
and not a second rate version of someone else.
~Judy Garland

I came across Shannon’s blog when she linked up to my 31 Days posts a couple of weeks ago. She was subsequently inspired to start her own 30 Days challenge, which will begin April 1st, and I will be participating in as well.  (More on that later.)

A couple of days ago, Shannon blogged about an “I Am” post that her friend Kate started.  It’s intended to be an annual synopsis, at a particular point in time, of your own life and feelings that are derived by completing a series of sentences. So, of course, I decided to join in on the fun.  If you would like to write your own “I Am” post, please enter a link in the comments so we can follow you too!

I Am… constantly evolving.

I Want… a dog!

 I Have… a great family, awesome friends and love for them all.

I Wish… for hope and miracles.

I Hate… envy.

I Fear… the balance of living for yourself and also beyond yourself.

I Hear… the dropping of barbells… all day, every day!

I Search… for truth.

I Wonder… who I can help tomorrow.

I Regret… many things that I remind myself of often.

I Love… chocolate & peanut butter. :)

I Ache… for those who are silent.

I Always… try to be happy.

I Usually… wear heels.

I Am Not… insecure, but I sometimes have insecure moments.

I Dance… in the rain, at the gym & when I’m happy.

I Sing… for myself.

I Never… snap my fingers correctly.

I Rarely… am on time to things.

I Cry… when life gets too big.

I Am Not Always… at the top of my game.

I Lose… at roulette… sometimes. ;)

I’m Confused… by the past and the future.

I Need… people who understand me.

I Should… always think for myself.

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